FACILITIES -Manufacture & Export of Best Rubber Moulded Goods

We have associate establishments supplying all type of Natural Rubber & tools for moulding products always at our services.
A full fledge laboratory working round the clock ensures products quality.

Heveacrumb Rubber Pvt. Ltd., is a group owned - professionally managed company. Heveacrumb is one of the leading processors of Technically specified Block Rubber (TSR). More than 30 years of quality service coupled with unmatched customer care has made our company the first choice of our buyers.

Heveacrumb specializes in the processing and marketing of specific quality grades of Technically specified Block Rubber (TSR) like ISNR 5, ISNR 10 and ISNR 20. The processing envisions an optimum quality to go on par with any international standards. The company also market RSS at a macro level.


Hevea Engineering Works (P) Ltd. manufactures moulds for rubber products and machinery such as hydraulic presses, Mixing mills, Rubber mat hole punching machines etc etc... Also supplies machinery for rubber processing
such as Electric/Diesel Thermic Fluid Dryers, Creepers, Hammer Mills, Hydraulic bailing press, Pre-breakers, etc.

The Glenrock Group owns a guest house in Kerala, "The Misty Mountain Plantation Resort" at Kuttikanam, which is 3500 ft. above sea level, which is located in the District of Idukki, which is on the eastern side of Kottayam District. Located in the Western Ghats, Idukki is amongst the more beautiful areas in Kerala, one of India's greenest states and provide traditional keralite hospitality in a salubrious mountain ambience. These resorts try to take guests as close to nature as possible. Guests of the Glenrock Group are usually accommodated in these resorts.

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